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Communication Trends

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According to a poll that appeared in USA Today last spring, more than half of the people surveyed said they expect wireless phones to access e-mail, use the GPS (Global Positioning System) to get directions, and browse the Internet. Others said they think cell phones will be used to take digital pictures and send them to family and friends, whereas 57 percent thought phones would be used to conduct videoconferences. It seems most everyone sees the need for mobile information. Industry analyst Herschel Stosteck predicts that 90 percent of mobile phones sold by 2003 will be Internet-enabled, compared with only 10 percent in 2000. ("Less Talk, More Surfing: The Mobile Phone Revolution - Buyers Guide")



Many people credit the Internet with profoundly impacting their lives. "It has grown to be the way people communicate and the way business is done. It's also given me a career, which is why it's changed my life.("Top News Events: Your Picks")



E-mail has had a seminal impact on businesses. "E-mail represents one of the most innovative technologies of recent years ...It has contributed to how we have turned the label into a global company and established it as a brand worldwide. ("Diesel Designer on How E-mail has Transformed Business")



The new cell phone technology has gone a long way and transformed from a basic communication tool to a mega-purpose device used for not only phone calls but many other purposes such as: media players, photo cameras, text readers, digital wallets, remote controls and PDA organizers. OCLC predicted that one-fourth of all mobile phone sales would be camera-phones in 2004. (OCLC)


IM is growing at a phenomenal rate. "Instant Messaging is becoming a popular way to communicate with clients and coworkers, and for good reason. Communicating over the Internet in real time can streamline communications and save you time and money. Plus, since most instant-messaging software is free, you don't need to invest more money in technology." ("Using Instant Messaging for Business")



IM is a kind of metaphor for the mindset of the new millennium youth. It fulfils a deep-seated need for constant stimulation. And keeps pace with their shorter attention spans. So short for some that buddies with slow typing speeds are huge turn-offs. ("Youth in Urban India")

Business World Cover Story


Internet phone calls are on the rise. According to Gartner, "A third of people in the U.S. and Europe will abandon phone lines in favour of wireless and broadband telephony come 2009."("Trends: New Communication Trends")



Blogging has been described as an even more revolutionary medium than the Internet. ("The Blogging Revolution")




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