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Library of Congress Jefferson BuildingWelcome to the Environmental Scan Project for FLICC/FEDLINK.

This is a collaborative project to conduct an Environmental Scan -- a description of external trends and issues that could affect FLICC/FEDLINK's strategic planning -- that will help set the stage for a Business Plan being created by FLICC/FEDLINK, a Library of Congress-sponsored consortium of federal library and information centers. To find out about the authors and the design of the study, read About the Environmental Scan.


Subject Categories

  1. Overall Analysis: This section contains the analysis from each subject category.
  2. Broad Trends: Our analysis of broad social, economic, demographic and cultural trends that are shaping the way our society will live, communicate, work, and entertain itself in the 2007-2012 time frame.
  3. General Information Use Trends: The way in which users and consumers of all types expect and prefer to receive information; how their needs are being transformed in an Internet-driven and digital environment; and the resulting new services and technologies, including video, audio, textual, and multimedia, that have and are expected to arise.
  4. Library Trends: Changes in the way libraries provide information, including alterations in user demographics, information usage patterns/preferences, library services, and the impact of the Internet.
  5. Publishing Trends: Reactions to changing information usage and user expectations by the book, serials, abstracting/indexing, database, and other commercial information vendors in the form of new services/products, impact on pricing, and other broad trends.
  6. Government Trends: Analysis of trends and issues affecting the growth of government agencies and workforces; government information services, technologies and information use patterns; and the impact of these trends on federal libraries and information centers.

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